The Ordeal of Odds : The Introduction

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The Ordeal of Odds : The Introduction

Post  Shall Naerith on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:09 pm

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first topic about "The Ordeal of Odds"!

Here we will discuss important points about the project itself so be sure to participate, it's ours to develop and everyone should lend a hand trying to improve it. Keep in mind this is still just a concept, nothing is written in marble, the whole idea is subject to changes, and will be updated over the time. Also, you don't have to do the challenge to be part of the Arithmetick Society, it is but only a "Challenge".

-What is The Ordeal of Odds?-

(Follow this Link for more info about the fc's name.)

Simply said, it is a Speed-running Challenge, we will keep records of best times and their bearers will earn themselves a place in the "Society Hall of Fame"! This is not just a fight for the first place, let's think of it more like an exam, we, as a team, need to find the best way of doing things, and it is only possible if we share our experiences, train our priorities, test the ground, and get better at it. We, as Arithmeticians, wants to improve our odds, and manipulate the numbers to get the best results. I do honestly think this concept serve our purposes as we will learn to work as a whole, and we will need to do so, if we are to fight against our ultimate enemy : Time itself.

There will be two categories :
-Minimum IL, covering every dungeons.
-Unsynced, covering most recent expansion (Currently : Heavensward).

While Minimum IL will be a constant fight for the first place, Unsynced gives you the chance to immortalize yourself in the FC's legacy and be remembered as one of the greatest Arithmetician! So be sure to work on those rotations and train hard with your squad as the battle for the title will be a fierce one.

(Woah, i'm so good at soloing Sastasha! xD)

As you can see, the time spent going through a dungeon is announced in the chat log while in Unsynced/Minimum IL mode. This is the value we will be keeping track of, and every members of a group running for the title will have to share said proof on the board. It is really important that we see the whole screen, not only the chat log.
Here's an example of a legit proof : Link

Since we are too few for now, the concept will be on a testing phase and updates will be announced on the board itself, so be sure to visit it once in a while. Also, spare a couple of minutes to share your impression on the matter, this topic is there for that and we will gladly answer any questions regarding the idea!

See you in game! Smile
Shall Naerith
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