Shall Naerith, and the ordeal of odds

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Shall Naerith, and the ordeal of odds

Post  Shall Naerith on Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:43 pm

Hey folks,

First thing first, i would like to wish you a warm /welcome on our Free Company's Board! We're really happy to have you around and we hope you enjoy your stay!

Alright, what is there say about me... Well, my name's Shall Naerith, and i am what you may call the "Chronomaster" of the Arithmetick Society, bear in mind this is mostly just a title, so i'll ask of you to just simply refer to me as Shall. Along with my dear e-wifey, Juliana, we form the duo of first founders of the Free Company. My main purpose around the board is to ensure the creation of tools required to build a strong, fun and lasting community, so don't be surprise to see Juliana roaming around your posts more often then i, as i am the one burrowed in codes and photoshop layers. ^^

On a more "in-game" level, you will find that i am quite the "try-hard" player, always focusing on figuring out how to outdone myself in any giving ways/roles/situations. Knowledge is the best way to attain such thing and i am not the kind to refuse more of it, like anyones else, i have my pros, as well as my cons. For my roles and classes, i'm pretty much a jack of all trade, but if i had to point one, it would be White Mage, my first walkthrough class and my favorite in the FF series.

For my past experiences, i spent quite a while around World of Warcraft and had trouble finding something beating the whole thing, touched a bit of every mmorpgs out there and nothing was quite worth the time, and hear me out, i'm not that much of a Warcraft fan, and to be honest i just hated playing it in the end, until i hear of FF14. i was a bit too late on the FF11 hype train and couldnt really get into it, so i decided i didnt want to miss this one, and here i am, proud to be part of this mighty adventure. The community of FF14 is one of the best i've come to meet so far, and this is no little feat i ensure you, there is so many good games out there you can't really enjoy cause of its toxic community.

For the ending i would add that i'm quite the Scholar when it comes to Final Fantasy, so if you tag with me IG and there's a reference, i'd probably point it out and say from where its coming :3 Also, i'm a french canadian, so here's an omelette du fromage and sorry for the long post!

(Be sure to add some maple syrop, its really something)
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