General Rules of Conduct

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General Rules of Conduct

Post  Juliana Bliss on Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:48 pm

Alright, a lot this stuff shouldn't need to be said, but it's doing down in writing anyways so that we have a clear outline of what it means to be a proper human being here.

  1. BE NICE
    I can't say it any clearer than this. No one has a good time when someone is going around being an Asshat to everyone. You have every right to be mad, annoyed, ticked off, etc... But don't take it out on others, because then you're just making more problems than needed.

    If we find evidence of you attempting to scam or steal from ANYONE, you will be dismissed from the Free Company and most likely reported. If you need help, just ask, don't be shady and try to get it in the wrong way. *Included in this is a Repayment Clause: If someone gives you a service or item, do your best to repay in kind.*

    The Company doesn't work unless all of you are here to be a part of it. We realize that people have very complex lives outside of the game, and sometimes you can't always be here, but we still need to have an active base. If you KNOW that you won't be paying your sub on time, or at all, let us know so we can either add you to the inactive list or remove you to make way for someone else. Users will be moved to inactive status after 30 days of continuous non-activity, and dismissed after 60 days of inactivity. Otherwise, you can come and go from the game as much as you want, whenever is good for you!

    This game is pretty damn massive, and even the most experienced, hardcore players *cough Shall cough* can take time to learn new things. We do our best to educate you guys about the game, and ways to make it the best you can play, but you have to be willing to learn. Being ignorant and uppity goes against the whole BE NICE thing too. Not everyone knows everything, so make sure you always have an open mind.

"Everyone is entitled to their own sorrow
For the Heart has no metrics or form of measure
And all of it... Irreplaceable."
-Monty Oum
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