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Board's Rules

Post  Shall Naerith on Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:47 am

  1. Forum is our happy place, and our happy place needs some rules. Let's go over them.

  2. NSFW content not allowed. PERIOD. Take that sh*t somewhere else. PM someone if you reeeealy have to show them, but keep it off the general posts.

  3. See the BE NICE tab of the general rules of conduct tab.

  4. Make sure you know what category your post goes in.Posting out of context stuff where it doesn't belong makes everything complicated.

  5. Arguing with the Orators endangers your posting rights. They are there to keep order and make the best decision. If you feel like any Orator is abusing their power, talk with us (Shall and Juliana), DO NOT take matters into your own hands.

  6. Spamming is not tolerated, and any spammed posts will be deleted. Posting rights will be revoked for a certain time period.

  7. If you have LEGITIMATE suggestions about the FC or the board itself, take it to the suggestions board, we love hearing ideas.

Follow the rules and everyone has a good time, it's as simple at that. Have fun all!
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