The Wife's Intro

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The Wife's Intro

Post  Juliana Bliss on Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:35 am

Morning, gathered nerds and various assortments of scrublords, I am Juliana, Shall's wife ^_^
(I'll put our wedding photo in so people can see)
IRL I'm a college student in the Eastern US, about a good 5 hrs away from Shall.
I am a Jazz and Classical Musician, I have been playing my whole life. I play Tenor Saxophone and the entire Clarinet family.
I serve as the Chronomaster's right hand, in many ways, although he is much more of a try-hard than I, so expect more technical information from him. (Bear in mind, however, that I've technically been playing this game much longer than he has, somehow. So I'm not dumb, I just often lack the will to type out long explanations unless its important.)
I am a trash healer, and main DPS of all kinds, so I can give good tips in that area.
Also, unlike literally everyone who has joined up until now, I am not of the Twin Adder. I joined the Maelstrom, because I like Limsa Lominsa as a city state and the Admiral kicks almost as much ass as Raubahn, except has much less red tape so she can do what she wants. Also she is the only person to sensibly use guns. Nice.
For the future, I will be in charge of one of several training squads we will be arranging for new and older members alike. I still haven't thought of a name u.u

Thanks all, hope you have fun here, fight nicely, okay?         queen
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